My name is Alicia Pearce and I am the creator of the purposeful sensory play business, Leo and June. This all came from a day of putting together a birthday present for my nephew. My kids and I had so much fun making the play doh and finding the best tools to equip each box in order to maximize engagement and invite a desire to explore textures, smells, colors and sometimes sounds. After the completion of this gift, my wheels started turning. My own children love messy play and as an educator, I know how important this kind of play is for their growth and development. In fact, Albert Einstein said that “Play is the highest form of research”.


It helps build communication skills, problem-solving, risk-taking, independence, leadership.. the list goes on. That is what I want for the next generation. I’m thankful for the passion I have to get our littles there and can’t wait for you to join me!

Fort Worth, TX
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